• Tel: 608.821.4770
  • Mail: mpeyton@mpsqrd.com
  • Tel: 608.821.4770
  • Mail: mpeyton@mpsqrd.com

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MP-Squared has provided engineering solutions for a wide range of structures, including multi-story office buildings, hotels, and apartments; retail centers and sports arenas; libraries, schools, and religious buildings; prison facilities; laboratories; water parks; crane buildings; and hangars. Check out our recent project examples.

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Let’s not overcomplicate this: You want clear and accurate design plans with enough detail to meet your needs. Does that sound about right? So how do we make that happen at MP-Squared? With talented structural engineers who not only bring expertise and experience—we’re dedicated to the fine art of being there for you. That means we’re easy to work with, we’re accessible, and we work hard to give you the attention you expect—and deserve. We get it: Delivering better plans makes your job a whole lot easier. Like we said, let’s not overcomplicate this.

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The competency to engineer an accurate design and the hard-won credentials that come with it—these are what you’d expect. But what really differentiates the adequate engineer from the awesome one? Here’s what we think: Any engineering firm can crank out a standard design based on the way it’s always been done. That makes it easier—for them. But shouldn’t the focus be on what’s best for you? With every project MP-Squared takes on, we ask this fundamental question: Can it be done better? Meet the engineers that sharpen the saw on every project.

Mark L. Puccio, PE, SE

Mark L. Puccio, P.E, S.E. Structural Engineer, CEO

Melissa A. Peyton, PE

Melissa A. Peyton, P.E. Structural Engineer, CFO

Mark S. Lindloff, PE

Mark S. Lindloff, P.E. Structural Engineer, COO

Jake D. Haack, PE

Jake D. Haack, P.E. Structural Engineer, VP

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MP-Squared provides services focused solely on structural engineering. That’s allowed us to develop a deep understanding of what our clients really want. We provide engineering solutions to architects, design-build companies, developers, owners, and component suppliers. Our expertise includes design for reinforced concrete, structural steel, timber, composite steel/concrete, reinforced masonry, and deep and shallow foundations; design for tilt-up and precast buildings; failure investigations; and structural inspections and evaluations.

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