• Office Locations: Madison, WI & Appleton, WI
  • Tel: 608.821.4770
  • Mail: mpeyton@mpsqrd.com
  • Tel: 608.821.4770
  • Mail: mpeyton@mpsqrd.com

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Mark L. Puccio, PE, SE Mark L. Puccio, P.E, S.E. Structural Engineer, CEO

Education: BS, Civil Engineering (Structural Emphasis), University of Wisconsin-Madison Background: Call it an unexpected outcome of his profession: Mark says an engineering mindset pervades the way he sees the world. So whether it’s planning his day, doing a household chore, or executing the steps…


Melissa A. Peyton, PE Melissa A. Peyton, P.E. Structural Engineer, CFO

Education: BS, Civil Engineering (Structural Emphasis), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Background: When it comes to solving engineering problems, Melissa’s laser-like ability to focus is a great asset. But as much as she loves quietly diving deep and finding a solution, Melissa says a round of…

Mark S. Lindloff, PE Mark S. Lindloff, P.E. Structural Engineer, COO

Education: BS, Architectural Engineering (Structural Emphasis), Milwaukee School of Engineering Background: Although Mark was originally drawn to engineering because of the math, he’s come to realize that his clients—and the professional relationships he’s forged with them—are the best part…


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