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  • Tel: 608.821.4770
  • Mail: mpeyton@mpsqrd.com

Mark L. Puccio, PE, SE

Mark L. Puccio, PE, SE

  • 608.821.4771
  • mpuccio@mpsqrd.com


BS, Civil Engineering (Structural Emphasis), University of Wisconsin-Madison


Call it an unexpected outcome of his profession: Mark says an engineering mindset pervades the way he sees the world. So whether it’s planning his day, doing a household chore, or executing the steps for actual engineering design, he’s come to naturally see systems of cause and effect everywhere he looks.


Mark is a founding principal and co-owner of MP-Squared. His +20 years of experience have included designs for commercial, religious, and industrial buildings, sports complexes and water parks, as well as pre-engineered metal buildings. He’s applied his structural expertise to new building designs of up to nine stories, building upgrades, crane support systems, failure investigations, storm and fire damage assessments and renovations, and professional witness testimony.


Because Mark has passed advanced-level NCEES exams, he carries the additional designation of SE, allowing him to practice as a registered Structural Engineer in states that require higher level testing.


Professional Engineer (PE): KY, MD, MI, MN, NY, PA, RI, TX, WI

Structural Engineer (SE): AZ, IL, OR

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